Océ PlotWave 500 System

Large format printer with instant-on productivity and flexible printing

image Oce PlotWave 500 Printer


Take control of document costs and project workflows with the instant productivity of the Océ PlotWave® 500 large format printer, copier, and scanner. Printing and collating documents inefficiently can be costly and eat up the valuable time of knowledge workers. Many of today’s architectural, engineering, and construction firms across the globe have been built using Océ technical document systems. CAD professionals in a variety of technical industries can react faster and work more efficiently thanks to our productive, innovative, and easy-to-use printing systems, making the Océ PlotWave 500 printer an effective solution for today’s technical document workflow challenges.

Get a compact single-footprint workhorse

The Océ PlotWave 500 printing system is built for fast production — at an impressive ten D-size/A1 drawings per minute and up to four rolls of media. That’s up to 600 prints per hour! It starts printing from sleep mode in less than 17 seconds thanks to Océ Radiant Fusing technology, compared to a slow start-up of four minutes for some conventional printers. That can easily save you an hour or more just in printing delays. And while printing, there is no need to wait to scan. You can print and scan concurrently.

Enjoy the workflow without the work

Being able to submit files to your large format printer from anywhere can give you a big advantage when time is tight and deadlines are looming. The Océ ClearConnect software suite gives you more flexible ways to submit files to the printer. Print from your desktop via Océ Publisher Select™ software to manage complex document sets. With Océ Publisher Mobile, print from your smartphone or tablet when you are rushing to a meeting. Knowing you can print when you need to, can take some of the stress out of your work day.

Rely on the eco-friendly system

This system has very low ozone emissions, very low heat output and a very low sound level under 25 dB while in standby and sleep modes. It runs very quietly, so it can be comfortably placed in an office environment. The toner system is completely closed and within easy reach. large format printer is a people-friendly and planet-friendly choice.

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