Océ ColorWave 500 Printing System

All-in-one large format printing system - monochrome and color

Oce Colorwave 500 Printer


Push the boundaries of your large format printing with the Océ ColorWave 500 printing system, a monochrome and color printer, scanner, and copier in one convenient single footprint. Gain a competitive edge with distinctive high-quality drawings and presentations without the need for expensive coated paper. Save on space, supplies, and maintenance by using one system for both color and monochrome work. With its intuitive design, the Océ ColorWave 500 printer is one of the easiest to use walk-up printers. Produce up to 225 D–size monochrome and color prints per hour—to meet a rush deadline without breaking a sweat. This system can hold up to four media rolls and prints come out dry, cut-to-size, and ready to use.

Reliable Performance

Océ patented Océ CrystalPoint technology ensures robust, waterfast prints with sharp lines, high readability of fine details and smooth area fills. Highquality, consistent prints have a unique silk-shine look and feel, independent of the media used. The Océ ColorWave 500 system is based on proven Océ technology found in thousands of systems worldwide. Constructed of durable and solid parts, you get dependable uptime with fewer jams, shorter downtime, and fewer service calls.

Effortless Operation With The Océ Clearconnect Panel

The Océ ClearConnect panel works like a tablet. Easily control the printer with your fingertips using simple and familiar screen movements. Swipe, spread, and zoom in on details. Check that documents are correctly positioned using the live preview to avoid errors. You can even print from the cloud, your smartphone or tablet when you are rushing to a meeting.

Sustainable And Secure System

With Océ CrystalPoint technology, you have the ability to print on recycled medias with high-quality results. The system is constructed of durable and solid parts and designed to be recycled and re-used. The Océ ColorWave 500 printer is designed to create a healthy working environment: the unique Océ TonerPearls® toner ensure that there's no fine dust, no odor, and minimal waste disposal.

Product Brochure

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Brochure for Oce Colorwave 500 Printer