KIP 900 Color Series

The faster, smarter, more efficient printing color series.

Explore the new KIP 900 Color Series, which offers the most advanced high demand wide format color print system and lowers operating costs than ever before.

The KIP 900 Series is smarter than ever possessing brilliant multi-tasking with KIP Smart multi-function touchscreen and KIP Image Pro software, which is intelligently integrated with all KIP Accessories. Contact Us to find out how you can secure a printer ahead of your competitors.

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KIP 970

KIP 970 image
High demand multi-touch color print system
  •  High Demand Print Efficiency
  •  7800 square foot media capacity
  •  12" Smart System K multi-function touchscreen
  •  Professional edge alignment stacking
  •  KIP System K 2.0 with KIP ImagePro
  •  High capacity toner cartridges
  •  Workflow Automation

KIP 980

KIP 980 image
High demand color multi-function system
  •  Multifunction production print system with KIP 720 CIS convenience scanner
  •  5760 square feet per hour color productivity
  •  Robust build quality for maximum reliability
  •  Able to hold 4 x 650 foot rolls
  •  Accelerates productivity
  •  Workflow Automation

KIP 990

KIP 990 image
Multi-touch production color print system
  •  Multifunction production print system with KIP 2300 CCD production scanner
  •  Smart System K Touchscreen
  •  Professional edge alignment stackign
  •  High and efficient performance
  •  KIP System K Print Management Suite
  •  High capacity toner cartridges
  •  Workflow Automation