KIP 7970 Series

Smart solutions, superior productivity

The KIP 7970 production systems address the current reality of demanding print runs and compressed delivery times coupled with the highest quality expectations. The excellent across-the-board performance of all the systems will satisfy the most stringent demands on quality and productivity. The space saving design of the KIP 7970 provides near-wall operation and is expandable as production demands increase. The KIP 720 large format scanner is a 24-bit, full-color image capture system perfect for processing photographs, complex maps, and AEC/ CAD drawings. The CIS (Contact Image Sensor) scanning technology enables high-resolution, high-speed image capture with energy saving operation from a compact design.

  • 13 ‘D’ / ‘A1’ Size Prints Per Min
  • 600 x 2400 DPI Resolution
  • Integrated Multi-Touch Color Touchscreen
  • Color Copy & Print Directly to Inkjet
  • Single Footprint Systems
  • 4 Integrated Media Rolls
  • Ultimate in advanced technology and versatility
  • Superior image quality and reliable performance
  • Sustainable benefits and cost effective operations
  • Designed to deliver exceptional value
  • Print from and Scan to Cloud Storage such as Dropbox and Skydrive with ease.
  • Smart, Multi-Touch Controls

    All system functions of the KIP 7970 are performed through its large, 12" display with vivid multi-touch color controls that instantly respond to your touch.

  • New Super-View Image Control

    The high resolution multi-touch screen provides copy, scan and print previews, allowing you to instantly view b&w and color images. Multi-touch controls allow you to zoom, rotate and pan the image preview.

  • Tablet Style Touch Controls

    Tap, Swipe, Rotate, Spread and Pinch to get a large, full color look at image files before you print, make changes and see your results immediately.

Product Brochure

KIP 7970 Wide Format MFP