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Calculated Industries is the leading manufacturer of professional and industrial calculators, including easy-to-use real estate, mortgage and financial calculators. Quickly calculate loan payments, qualifying and amortization for your clients with our high-quality products.They even have one-person distance measuring tools you can use to get accurate square footage. Take a look!



Mortgage Qualifier Plus

  • $71.93
  • CI3416

Advanced Residential Mortgage
Finance Calculator with Complete Buyer Qualifying and Interest-Only Solutions

The professional’s residential mortgage finance calculator provides fast answers to complicated questions, including Interest-Only Payments, Interest-Only Combo Loans and Interest-Only Qualifying. Enter loan data in any order and quickly solve for PITI, Interest-Only loans and all the “what-ifs” of Buyer Qualifying and Rent vs. Buy comparisons.

It is versatile and helps you solves for:

  • Conventional, FHA/VA and Interest-Only Loan Buyer Pre-Qualifying
  • Complete PITI Payment Solutions; including Interest-Only
  • Amortization with Remaining Balances
    Calculate Combination Loans: any Loan-to-Value (LTV) including Interest-Only 2nd Combo, Bi-Weekly and ARMs
  • Easy Rent vs. Buy Comparison and Tax Savings
  • Date-math; Lock Expiration dates

For: Mortgage Lenders, Brokers and Loan Officers, Home Buyers and Sellers, Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Mortgage Qualifier Plus

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